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General Questions

If I buy a digital, when and how can I use it?

When you purchase a digital file from us, you can use that photo for private use only. You can post it on your personal social media page, such as Facebook, or personal website. Publishing on any other website, classified ads, marketing or commercial use is prohibited. Copyright ownership always remains with Dazzle by Design, and photo credit must always be given.

Why can’t I post the event / photoshoot proofs online?

Intentional or otherwise, this undermines the work we have put into being at the event and only encourages others to do the same rather than purchase the photos. At each show, our photographer spends on average 8+ hours shooting, non-stop, and unpaid for her time. It is a direct violation of Copyright Law to publish the watermarked proofs as they are intended for display on our website only. If you wish to show your friends the photos, simply share the URL link. Please do not download the proofs.

Can I have my purchased digitals printed?

If you purchased our High-Res Digitals (Digitals for Print), then yes! You are able to print your images any size up to 8×10 / 8×12 (depending on the dimensions of the individual photo). The Web-Digitals are best suited for web-use only as the resolution does not really support printing at larger sizes. You could get away with printing a 4×6 / 5×7 from them, but it will not be as good as it could be and as such, is not a recommended use for Web-Digitals.

What do I get from purchasing Publishing Rights?

By default any photos purchased (Prints, Web-Digitals, Print-Digitals or CD) are for private-use only. This means that you cannot use them for publishing, advertising, or marketing anywhere other than your own personal website or your personal social media, such as Facebook. There is an additional charge of $25. per photo to purchase Publishing Rights and this entitles you to unlimited rights to use the photo(s) for marketing and commercial purposes. That said, Publishing Rights are not the same as Ownership of the Copyright — Dazzle by Design maintains ownership of the Copyright, and as such, photo credit must always be given.

Why didn’t you get any photos of me at the show/event?

We try to get as many riders as possible, but if there are multiple rings going, sometimes it is just not possible to get everybody. If you know you will be attending a future show where Christina is the Official Photographer, please contact us to let us know if you would like photos taken of your ride(s).

When will the proofs be posted to the website?

The proofs from an event or photoshoot are posted on average within 1-2 weeks. It entirely depends on the number of photos to process and if there were any back-to-back events. In those cases, sometimes there is a bit of a delay. Like our page on Facebook to receive updates on when the photos will be available.

How does the Logo Design process work?

First we discuss your likes and dislikes, ideas, colour schemes, company goals and target market. If you already have a rough idea in mind and provide us with a sketch – great! If you have no idea what you want yet, leave it to us! We provide you with a couple variation samples to see if we are on the right track. From there, we iron out any new ideas / changes you may like to see and keep tinkering until you are 110% satisfied.

What file types do I get with my logo?

Completed logo designs are delivered in a multitude of useful file formats for anything from letterheads, embroidery, websites, mailing labels, business cards, social media, and more. You will be provided with jpeg, png, pdf, and eps (vector) files of your logo. Included in the design are variations for different tones of backgrounds that the logo may be used on. If you have any colour change requests at a later date for a specific project in mind, simply get in touch.

I already have a website, can you redo it?

Absolutely! We can provide you with a no obligation site evaluation to determine your current website’s strengths and weaknesses from both a visual and technical standpoint. We will also make recommendations for specific improvements and include a cost estimate for the redesign.

Can you update my site for me or am I on my own?

Whether your website was designed by us or not, we offer maintenance contracts for specified time periods and billed monthly. Support and advice is also available for the marketing of your site as well as any technical questions or concerns you may have. If you wish to maintain your website yourself, that is fine too!

About Our Services


Offering on-location professional photography for all occasions: Horse & Rider, Family Sessions, Pet Portraits, Advertising & Marketing, Shows & Events and more. Are you looking for a portrait session for yourself, your family, or your pets? We can come to your home or the location of your choice. Book us as the official photographer for your next event, horse show, breed inspection, or festival.

Website Design

We provide full website design and development services. Our designs are unique, professional and customized to your needs — no matter how large or small the project. We have designed websites for a wide variety of clientele; from Equestrians to Authors, from Bakers to Artists, from Breeders to Trainers – we have what you are looking for.


Video Production and Editing services for breeding and sales, business and facility advertising, clinics and competitions, interviews, sporting event coverage, and more. Whether you are just looking for basic footage or you want the whole package, we will capture your vision and work with you each step of the way to ensure your ultimate satisfaction in the final product.

Logo Design

A logo is often the fastest way to build brand recognition and can be the most powerful asset for any company. Your logo should provide clarity of focus and become the anchor of the brand. We custom design all of our logos specifically for you. With our personal service and professional design, we will get your project done to your complete satisfaction.


Marketing materials such as book covers, flyers, posters, brochures, promotional advertisements, banners, business cards, web graphics — whatever your needs, we can make it happen and would be pleased to discuss your requirements. We custom design all of our graphics specifically for you. With our personal service and professional design, we will get your project done to your complete satisfaction.

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