Centaur Riding School

Centaur Riding School is owned and operated by the Guertin family. After many years with their original website, they wanted a more modern look utilizing the latest web standards. As their old website had little in the way of photos, the new design brings them to the forefront with large, striking imagery and colour tones while balancing the amount of content on each page. The goal was to create a site that was very user friendly and straightforward for users seeking information on the shows, lessons, daycamps and more offered by Centaur Riding School.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with Centaur’s new website. The old one served us well for over 20 years, but it was outdated and cluttered. Christina, Pat and the Dazzle Team took all our information and ideas and turned them into an organized, attractive and user-friendly website. I knew they would do good work, but this is great work. Thank you!”

Shirley Guertin - Centaur Riding School

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