A. Glen Saxon Kennels

A. Glen Saxon Kennels required the combining of two businesses into one website: a dog boarding kennel & cattery, as well as a distinctly separate section for their German Shepherd and Cane Corsos breeding programs. The website includes a nice balance between just the right amount of information, complimented with a host of photos and graphics. We also provide ongoing site maintenance and updates as requested by the client.

“Christina is one of the best graphics designers and photographers I have had the pleasure of doing business with. She’s very professional and has the ability to quickly grasp what the client is looking for. She has done a lot of promotion work for my stallion, Aliano — Stallion cards, photos, etc. — and everything has always been exactly what I was looking for. She has a real eye for combining colours; finds the perfect photos to work with; and puts everything together to make a stunning finished product. There are times when I had no idea what I was looking for and so gave nothing to Christina to work with and yet she never disappointed me and always managed to produce exactly what I like.”

Melanie Boucher - FMB Farms

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