Video production services for horse sales, stallion promotion, equestrian centre facilities, and more. Starting Summer 2015, Dazzle by Design is pleased to offer video taping and editing for horse show competition and clinics, as well as dog sporting events. The following are samples of recently completed projects.

Biolek | 2001 FEI Dressage Horse For Sale

Featuring gait-matching music and a custom introductory sequence; this sales video was filmed and edited for Biolek (Biotop x Lara XII), a 2001 FEI Dressage horse for sale in Ottawa, Ontario. Contact Robin from Stone Meadows Equestrian Centre for more information about Biolek.


Sovereign | 1999 Hanoverian Gelding For Sale

A simple and captivating equine sales video featuring a custom, high-energy introduction sequence and audio that matches the horse’s gaits. In addition to the video, a poster design was also included in the marketing package. Visit our Marketing Material portfolio to view the sales poster. Sovereign is now sold!


Rideaufield Farm | Autumn 2014

A simple, charming video showcasing peaceful every-day moments at Rideaufield Farm during the fall. Featuring footage of the farm and some of the horses as the sun sets on another day. Visit Rideaufield Farm for more information on this facility.


Behind the Scenes | KEP Italia Helmet Photoshoot

A behind-the-scenes look at the product shoot with Dazzle by Design / EquiFoto for the KEP Italia riding helmet. Special thanks to Ally for modeling her beautiful helmet for this project! This video is in no way associated with KEP Italia. It is a mock ad for an assignment.


In the Spotlight: Interview with Robert Gharibzadeh

Exclusive Interview with Robert Gharibzadeh of TopRiding Equestrian Centre as he talks about his career has a horse trainer, coach, and judge. In the video, he describes his training methodology and how it ties in with the horse’s biomechanics. Featuring the Holsteiner stallion Aliano under saddle as he performs some advanced Dressage movements. Filmed, directed, and edited by Dazzle by Design.


Photography | Dazzle by Design & EquiFoto Promo

A promotional advertisement for Dazzle by Design & EquiFoto featuring final portfolio images as well as some special favourites. This video is graced with the song “Favourite Photograph” by Snowflake. Viewing in HD is recommended.