Bronze Package

Bronze Package — $150

pricing_1One-on-one portrait session between the photographer and the subject and allows for you to choose one of the following photo session options:

  • One rider and their horse in a variety of poses at their stable or location
  • One horse at liberty with action shots and natural portraits
  • One rider and their horse under-saddle action shots and portraits

minipic1Proofs from the session are posted in an online album where you can browse and make your selections. There is no expiry date for the album. Included in the Bronze Package is a $30 Print Credit towards any of your photos from the session. You could request one 8×10, two 5×7’s, or three 4×6 prints.

This package is also suitable for canines or any other pets, so long as there is no more than one person / one family per session. booknow